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I’ve always liked the proverb ‘bring a man a fish, feed him for a day. If you teach him to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.’ I see my role as a Linea consultant to be both a problem solver and a teacher, to not only just fix a client’s immediate issues/problems but to leave them in a position to enjoy sustained success after Linea leaves.
Stephen Deininger
Steve is as a Senior Business/Technical Analyst with Pension and Health & Welfare administration assessment, enhancement and transformation projects. His specific areas of professional expertise include Member & Employer Self-service, Service Delivery Effectiveness/Transformation, Data Analysis and Analytics. He is also the firm’s Multiemployer Practice Leader and a member of Linea’s Leadership Team with responsibilities for Consulting Services & Methodology and Consultant Technology.

Steve has worked with over 35 clients on numerous Defined Benefit, Defined Contribution, Health & Welfare and Retiree Payroll projects across a range of industries and geographies including 25 years with the consulting firm Towers Perrin (now Willis Towers Watson) where he was a Principal in the firm’s Defined Benefit Administration Practice.

Steve considers himself an “accidental consultant.” He studied in college to build complex economic forecasting models and the next thing he knew, he was working programming actuarial systems for a small actuarial consulting firm. He has been a software developer, a solution architect, a business analyst and a project manager. This breadth of experience has afforded him a unique perspective that clients find valuable as they grapple with the challenges of adminstering today’s complex retirement and health & welfare benefit plans.

Steve feels that Linea is in a sweet spot as a consulting firm; big enough to have an established reputation & visibility in the marketplace and have a rich set of service offerings, yet not encumbered by layers of management and rigid operating practices. As a senior practitioner, Stephen can tap into anyone in the organization and have the flexibility to creatively solve a client’s challenges and issues. Linea is a place where initiative and innovation is rewarded. Linea allows Steve to focus on what he enjoys most, solving client problems.