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Linea truly supports their consultants – low bureaucracy, collegial culture, and dedicated home office staff – allowing us to focus on our clients.
Patricia Reed
Patricia has worked as an analyst, design lead, and project oversight manager while at Linea. She also leads company recruitment efforts. She is currently the project oversight manager for the University of California Retirement Plan where she led a business process improvement effort in preparation for their pension administration software implementation.

Prior to Linea, Patricia spent 12 years at Ohio State Teachers’ Retirement System, where she was the Manager of Enterprise Solutions responsible for support of all non-investment applications including acting as lead for STRS Ohio’s pension software implementation and stabilization. Patricia began her career at IBM and has since worked for both clients and vendors in pension, finance, and healthcare.

Patricia appreciates that Linea provides support to teams during long and challenging software implementations, which are often once-in-a-career projects. Linea’s culture of finding win-win solutions to get things done is critical for moving these projects forward.