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I’m proud of the visible impact Linea has had on the products we see in the market today. Our work translating specific client needs into functional requirements continues to yield noticeable results in new standard offerings across solutions.
Mary Anne Walker
Mary Anne has served in many roles for Linea over her seventeen years with the company, helping to build early consulting practices and developing Linea’s client service methodologies. She continues this work in her current position on the Leadership Team as Pension Practice Lead, while also serving as a Senior Principal Consultant for her clients.

Mary Anne’s areas of specialization include the management of automation system projects, leading endeavors from procurement to post-implementation optimization of organizational structures. She has managed a broad spectrum of projects for her clients, including both technical and business foundation building. They have included strategic technology planning, operational model development, business process reengineering, compliance, and workflow. She has developed situation-specific methods based on industry and government standards; these methods are flexible and address each organization’s unique needs. In addition, Mary Anne has worked with clients to advance their levels of organizational maturity by developing and implementing standards and training staff members on repeatable processes for change management. Business areas of specialization for her include optimization and integration of accounting processes, healthcare insurance and claims management, management of data to general ledger, and regulatory compliance.

Mary Anne appreciates that Linea takes very seriously its role as a neutral party with respect to the vendor community, while working as a client’s advocate. It is this careful neutrality that makes it possible to work with the solution providers to help them better understand the needs of the client.

Raised in the islands of the Western Pacific, she continues to explore faraway places and cultures, from Finland and Norway in winter, to climbing the oldest dunes on earth in Namibia, to riding camels in the Mongolian Gobi. Her most recent adventure was closer to home, spending two weeks on the Colorado River through the full length of the Grand Canyon in an 18’ rigid dory. Any disposable income not spent on adventure travel goes to life support for an aging Z06 Corvette.