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I.T. Advisory Services
Linea offers an array of specialized technical services based on the customized needs of its clients.
Linea Solutions will work with the client and all relevant users (members, employers, other parties) to develop, update, upgrade, and perform various types of testing, training, and the production rollout for client portals. Portals are generally provided by the software vendors. Linea will work with that vendor and the client to ensure that the application works as intended and that it meets the business requirements of the client.
We work with our clients to seamlessly integrate the portals into the organization’s website. Additionally, we ensure that portals meet current security standards.
Many vendors in the industry have accompanying mobile applications that augment the member experience. The decision to include a mobile app as part of a system implementation is becoming more common, especially since mobile rollout typically requires less resource allocation and is performed after the core system and portal are already built.

For mobile development and rollout, Linea will oversee technical compliance and functionality.
For testing, we use scripts like those used for the self-service functions of the system. Due to the heavy emphasis on usability in mobile apps, we emphasize usability testing. Additionally, we assist with distribution tests (i.e., downloading from app stores). Finally, Linea will work with pilot groups and will assist with the publishing of a beta version of the mobile app for beta testing.
Linea can assist an organization that is focused on self-service and self-sufficiency to discover areas that can be converted into straight through processing so that no manual activity is required by client staff for an end user to accomplish a process. Linea will work with the client to design those processes to be efficiently run without interfaces with the organization.
Once the design has been constructed, we will create a set of tests to ensure straight through processing works as planned and that the end user of the system achieves the intended results.
For certain initiatives, an organization may decide to run an email or mail campaign to either create awareness of changes or to collect information for potential initiatives.
Linea will assist with the requirements, design, and implementation of the campaign management software.
Linea Solutions’ sister company, Linea Secure, offers a full array of services to protect pension and benefit funds and their members’ data.
Please visit to learn more cybersecurity and data security assessments, and holistic security improvement plans.
Linea works with our clients to come up with a CRM strategy. We then follow that strategy and work with the client and the CRM vendor to implement the system in a way that best meets the service demands of the organization.
When required, we assist with the conversion of data from the old CRM system to the new solution. Additionally, we outline and provide guidance on monitoring key metrics to measure improvements in customer service.