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Business Support
Linea can be the outside set of eyes to help an organization find a best path forward.
Linea performs organizational structure analysis to assist our clients in determining if their current structure is aligned with their business objectives. Our consultants analyze the composition of each department, including the department’s functional role in the organization, and the roles and staffing levels within each department. We determine how critical business processes are supported by the current structure and analyze departmental hand-offs. We also examine the major IT systems and examine to what extent they are aligned with the current structure.
Our staffing analysis includes a comparison of the organization to peer organizations, by skill and compensation levels. We perform an overall skills inventory of the organization. Finally, we make a series of recommendations related to changes in organization and department composition, staffing, and skill levels.
An organization’s structure and resources do not change frequently. However, as business models change, resource analysis may be beneficial to align with the new business goals. Linea starts by providing a detailed analysis of the client’s current staffing levels. We use this analysis as a baseline to plan the resources needed to accomplish the new corporate objectives.
This plan includes the types and number of resources necessary to meet the objectives. We develop proposed organization charts for each department. We make recommendations on permanent staffing vs. temporary staffing and can assist with interviews or referrals based on our knowledge of the industry. Finally, we develop a staff resource budget.
All major initiatives require careful cost consideration. We develop realistic budgets so that clients can advise their boards on likely future costs and obtain approval to move forward with initiatives. We provide budget ranges for each detailed component of a project based on the likeliest solution options.
We derive these budget figures from projects in the industry that are both recent and relevant. Additionally, we customize these figures based on the client’s size, project objectives, and other factors.
Clients can meet their modernization objectives through a variety of methods. Linea’s solution options analysis presents a client with realistic choices for reaching those objectives. We consider options such as framework vs. COTS vs. best-of-breed, upgrade vs. replace, cloud-based vs. on-premise.
We present the most viable options as well as the pros and cons of each. Based on this information, we will make an appropriate recommendation.
Where are you compared to where you came from? On implementations that take years to go live, it is important to have a measure of progress. Linea will collaborate with our clients to determine key performance indicators (KPIs) and will create a set of benchmarks to be measured at intervals throughout the project. We look at funds’ business processes, statutes, operating rules, self-service models, enterprise technical solutions, and other useful factors.
Additionally, we take into account operational costs, system modernization budgets and timelines, staff size, organizational structure, asset value, member sizes, and funding level as part of overall benchmarking comparing an organization’s progress to similar organizations.
Linea assists pension and benefits funds with understanding what data is important to gather and analyze. We spend a considerable amount of time looking at the key questions that most funds are facing to operate efficiently and provide quality service to their members.
We have an inventory of queries that can be used to fast-track research and are familiar with most of the industry BI and Analytics tools that can be used with pension or benefits solutions.
We perform best practices and industry research for virtually every project we perform as well as general research about the industry. Our consultants survey peer organizations regarding specific processes and how those processes are executed. We also perform technology market research as a regular activity: we track large software implementations across the country, noting which vendor is working for which client.
We collect data on solution types, software types, the development methodology utilized, implementation resources, and other data points that are of value to our clients.