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I love the fact that Linea works with clients who provide benefits to working people. We believe in our clients’ mission and I am very proud that our mission is to support theirs.
Brian Colker
Brian is one of the founders of Linea Solutions, and he has nineteen years of experience in I.T. and benefits consulting. He specializes in procurement, business transformation strategy, transition management, and vendor oversight for public benefit organizations. Brian has an extensive knowledge of the benefits industry and the niche solution providers for this market. He oversees Linea’s corporate strategy and co-manages Linea’s executive leadership team.

His most recent projects include a business transformation project for a state Workers’ Compensation fund in Washington and a large pension administration system implementation for the University of California Retirement System.

Brian and his family live near Linea in Santa Monica, California. He enjoys visiting wine country in California and skiing with his family in Canada.